Electric for everyone

Experience pure electric driving that is uniquely Volkswagen. Introducing our 100% electric ID family range. With the sportiness of a Golf and as versatile as a Tiguan, we've redefined what's possible. The highly anticipated and globally acclaimed ID.4 and ID.5 are on their way to New Zealand. Find out more today.

The all-electric ID.4.

Chic coolness with concept car looks.

Made into reality. Made for great things

A revolutionary new space concept that gives you freedom. Electrical performance that inspires. And intuitive ease of use that makes everything so simple. The new ID.4: powerful like an SUV, sustainable like an ID.

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Electricity keeps you ahead

Our future starts here. Built on the unique DNA of the legendary T1 camper van, the ID. Buzz delivers maximum space, flexibility and cutting-edge technology.

Master your daily routine with a 77kWh battery1—from school drop-off to the office run and home again. The 100% electric Volkswagen ID.4 is an SUV that can take you where you need to go with an estimated range of 450-500kms1

Instant Torque

Every red traffic light becomes a new opportunity to encounter groundbreaking fun. The 150kW/310Nm electric motor of the ID.4 accelerates dynamically from a standstill with instant torque. No shifting, no delay – just drive off and experience the pure thrill.

Intuitive Start

The ID.4 senses your presence and intuitively starts when you sit in the driver’s seat with your smart key, “waking up” the vehicle automatically. Screens blink on, and the car is ready for the road. Put your foot on the brake, twist to drive, and you’re off! Happy days.

Take a look for yourself at the new ID.4

The all-electric ID.5

The elegant form of efficiency

A futuristic SUV design with the aerodynamic silhouette of a coupé.

With powerful electric performance and a flowing silhouette, the new ID.5 successfully achieves a modern symbiosis of SUV and coupé.

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Instant power, just one stop away

The ID.5 features rear-wheel drive and plenty of power (150kW) and torque (310Nm) to give you ultra-responsive acceleration. Experience thrilling, pure power from the moment you press down on the pedal.

Electricity keeps you ahead

Master your daily routine with a 77kWh battery1—from school drop-off to the office run and home again. The 100% electric Volkswagen ID.5 is an SUV that can take you where you need to go with an estimated range of 450-500kms1

Spacious interior design

The intelligently and generously designed open-space interior offers you more freedom and room for everything that is important to you.

Take a look for yourself at the new ID.5

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What suits you and your lifestyle the best

100% electric or plug-in hybrid?

Volkswagen New Zealand will introduce a range of PHEV models to our range through 2023.

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