1. Eligibility

1.1 Participation in Volkswagen Service Advantage is limited to the owners of vehicles on the ELIGIBLE MODEL LIST , which were imported and sold by Volkswagen New Zealand and which comply with the Eligibility Period.

1.2 Vehicles not originally imported and sold by Volkswagen New Zealand (‘grey imports”) may qualify (at the discretion of each participating Authorised Volkswagen Dealer) but variations in pricing may occur due to specific parts, or additional labour, being required on vehicles where equipment differs from NZ new models.

2. What is covered under Volkswagen Service Advantage

2.1 Volkswagen Service Advantage will only cover the standard items for each Scheduled Service for each Eligible Model.

2.2 Subject to Section 3 below, the standard items for each Scheduled Service are:

(a) labour;
(b) parts;
(c) lubricants; and
(d) sundries which includes items such as oil and waste recycling and or removal, workshop supplies required for the service)

It is your responsibility to ensure that you present your vehicle at an Authorised Volkswagen Dealer for servicing at each Scheduled Service interval. If you miss any Scheduled Service, the Volkswagen Service Advantage price will not apply for that particular service, as there may be additional items required. Your Authorised Dealer will discuss any additional items required.

2.3 As some driving conditions place more stress and strain on your vehicle, some maintenance procedures may be required more regularly than the Scheduled Services. Your Authorised Volkswagen Dealer can advise you on the benefits of intermediate servicing in line with your vehicle’s operating conditions. Intermediate services are not covered under the Volkswagen Service Advantage Price Servicing Program.

3. What is not covered

3.1 The following items are not included in Volkswagen Service Advantage:

- Normal wear and tear consumable items and parts requiring additional maintenance (including but not limited to, clutch linings, brake discs and pads, brake linings, wiper blades, bulbs of all types (including Bi-Xenon and LED), fuses, trims, brakes, diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters, all belts, water pumps, tyres, Satellite Navigation update disks and all other parts of your vehicle that have been subject to normal wear and tear)
- Items or work required as a result of vehicle misuse or abuse or as a result of the vehicle not being driven in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines;
- Additional fluids and additives not specified in the Service Schedule
- Adjustments not specified in the Service Schedule
- Additional maintenance and repairs that may be recommended by your Authorised Volkswagen Dealer to suit your individual driving characteristics;
- Service or maintenance of non-genuine Volkswagen parts;
- Service, fitment or maintenance of any accessories, including Volkswagen accessories;
-Repair of accident damage to any body, driveline or chassis components;
- Replacement of items that are purely based upon time such as brake fluid or pollen filter replacement. These items will be identified as a separate charge. These additional items will however be supplied at an additional cost advised on our website

Please note: Authorised Volkswagen Dealers are required to advise you if any additional service or maintenance work is required. You should be informed prior to that work being undertaken and your consent should be requested and obtained before the Authorised Volkswagen Dealer undertakes the additional service or maintenance work.

4. How often will the Recommended Retail Prices be changed?

4.1 Volkswagen will update the Volkswagen website at www.volkswagen.co.nz with any Volkswagen Service Advantage price changes from time to time. There is a valid till date on the Volkswagen website at www.volkswagen.co.nz for each Volkswagen Service Advantage recommended retail price.

5. Updates

5.1 These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time. Amendments will be published on the Volkswagen website www.volkswagen.co.nz and will take effect immediately on publication.

6. Definitions

Authorised Volkswagen Dealer refers to a dealer appointed by Volkswagen New Zealand to sell and service Volkswagen vehicles.

Eligibility Period refers to the period commencing from the vehicle delivery date as recorded in Volkswagen AG database and expiring (whichever comes first).

(a) six (6) years from the Volkswagen vehicle delivery date; or (b) when the distance travelled by the vehicle reaches 90,000 kilometres (or 120,000km for Amarok models).

ELIGIBLE MODEL LIST refers to Volkswagen New Zealand’s current list of New Zealand new Volkswagen model variants to which the Volkswagen Service Advantage Servicing Program applies.

Scheduled Services refers to each of the Eligible Models standard scheduled interval services at every:

- 15,000km/12 month interval - Passenger Vehicles (whichever occurs first); and
- 20,000km/12 month intervals - Amarok models (whichever occurs first).

Standard scheduled interval services are set out in the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Table, which is available at your Authorised Volkswagen Dealer and is specific to each Eligible Model.

Volkswagen New Zealand means European Motor Distributors Limited, trading as Volkswagen New Zealand.

Volkswagen Service Advantage refers to the recommended retail price structure for a specified Scheduled Service as published at www.volkswagen.co.nz and as updated from time to time.