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Only the best for your Volkswagen, that's the Service Advantage promise. Our qualified and factory certified technicians will provide you with a comprehensive service, so you can enjoy a carefree and safe motoring experience. Volkswagen’s factory-recommended service schedules are designed to keep your service costs remarkably affordable and our transparent service-cost calculator shows you pricing up-front.

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The right service for your Volkswagen

Annual Service

Your Volkswagen's yearly check-up

It is recommended for optimum engine performance to have your Volkswagen serviced every 12-months or 15,000 km (whichever comes first). Service requirements do vary between model and the mileage driven, so we recommend consulting the service price calculator for indicative pricing.

Vehicle Health Check

Keeping your Volkswagen healthy

The Volkswagen vehicle health check is designed to provide you with complete peace of mind, allowing our team to highlight potential wear and tear issues which many need to be addressed immediately or in the future. We’d recommend a vehicle health check ahead of a holiday road-trip, the change in season or if you're looking to buy or sell a used Volkswagen.

Replace Cambelt and Water Pump

To keep you moving

The cambelt is one of the hardest working parts in your engine, driving major parts of the engine and keeping everything synchronised. Changing it at the recommended intervals minimises the risk of major engine damage. Replacement interval: 120,000 km or 5 years (depending on engine type).

Replace Pollen Filter

So fresh and so clean

Volkswagen Genuine Pollen Filters keep the air inside your Volkswagen free of dust particles, unpleasant odours and harmful pollutants. Regular replacement of the filters in line with your vehicles service schedule will ensure correct operation of the heating and air conditioning systems. Keep the outside environment where it belongs – outside.

Replace Brake Discs and Pads

Stopping performance and safety

Volkswagen Genuine Brake components are designed to work perfectly for your exact model. When it comes to stopping performance and safety you don’t want to compromise with anything else.

AdBlue Top Up

Keeping you topped up

Top up your AdBlue conveniently at your Volkswagen Service Centre. Average fill from empty is 14 litres. Price per litre includes fluid and labour.

Calculate service costs

Our intuitive service cost calculator shows you the up-front and maximum retail price to service your Volkswagen at any specified interval. You will find the same transparency and honest helpful advice from our Service Advisors at each dealer, who will help with explaining any work required so you can be confident that your Volkswagen will be taken care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

For warranty purposes does my car need to be serviced at an approved centre?

Your vehicle should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Any damage to or defect in the vehicle caused by poor or insufficient servicing by an after-market workshop will not be remedied under the vehicle's warranty. Please ensure that you maintain sufficient records to enable our Approved Service Centres to confirm that the vehicle has been appropriately serviced. In any event, please ensure that the service schedule booklet in your vehicle is stamped by the business carrying out the service work, or detailed invoices supplied with date, mileage, plus specified parts and fluids used. An Approved Volkswagen Service Centre knows the required maintenance schedule for your vehicle and what is required at each service, we recommend you trust Volkswagen to service your Volkswagen.

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What's the benefits of servicing at an approved service centre?

Your local Approved Service Centre is the best place to service your Volkswagen, old and new. Our team of factory certified technicians are best equipped to work under the bonnet of your vehicle. With direct access to approved diagnostic equipment for fault finding and coding, our technicians will only use factory approved tools and Genuine Parts. Our nationwide network of Approved Service Centres offer transparent pricing so you know up-front what the cost is to service your Volkswagen. You will also receive a Genuine Service stamp in your owner's manual which can help maintain your vehicles resale value. To find out the cost to service your Volkswagen try out our intuitive service cost calculator or make a no obligation call to one of our Approved Service Centres.

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Why do genuine parts matter?

Volkswagen Genuine Parts are manufactured strictly in accordance to Volkswagen's standards and technical delivery terms. These standards and terms firmly establish the specifications for Genuine Parts, including their physical, chemical and technical properties. They are the result of research that includes testing of functional performance and material compatibility. Volkswagen Genuine Parts are perfectly matched to the specific vehicle models for which they are intended. Genuine Parts can also be subjected to ongoing technical improvements as a result of new technologies and technical improvements. When installed by an Approved Volkswagen Service Centre, Genuine Parts carry a 2-year warranty.

Are genuine parts readily available?

Our 6000 sqm New Zealand based parts and distribution warehouse in Auckland houses approximately 345,000 Genuine Parts. This means that we're more than likely to have your part in stock and able to deliver it to an approved service centre in record time.

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