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Golf GTI - Tristram Volkswagen | the home of Volkswagen on the Shore

Features that keep you humming along. The new e-Golf.

The e-Golf is a powerful and innovative 100% electric vehicle. With a real-world range of 220km it's ready for everyday life. 

Packed with technology it has everything you need at hand, such as Active Info Display, Keyless Entry and Start, LED headlights and a 9.2 inch infotainment screen with gesture control.


Go the distance.

Hit the pedal and you’re off and running. The e-Golf is responsive, agile and fun to drive.

We put the e-Golf to the challenge with our friends at the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA), to see how far we could drive in real-world conditions.

The results are in: with two people in the vehicle, normal road conditions and air-conditioning on, the e-Golf managed to drive from Auckland CBD to Tokoroa - an impressive distance of 220km.

Golf GTI - Tristram Volkswagen | the home of Volkswagen on the Shore

Golf GTI - Tristram Volkswagen | the home of Volkswagen on the Shore


The e-Golf comes with a trickle charger that plugs into your home domestic plug socket and will charge the car overnight (85% of EVs in the US are charged this way).

In New Zealand, there are now over 60 fast charging stations which have the European standard of plug - Type 2/CCS (that the e-Golf has) that will provide an 80% battery charge in just over half an hour.

Make charging current by downloading these apps to your  smartphone: PlugShare and the Vector EV Charging. These apps show maps of the available charging stations.


The healthy amount of torque from the e-Golf’s electric motor makes it a good fit for city driving. Like all electric vehicles, all the thrust is available the second you step on the accelerator, so it can feel surprisingly fast.

Golf GTI - Tristram Volkswagen | the home of Volkswagen on the Shore

Golf GTI - Tristram Volkswagen | the home of Volkswagen on the Shore

Driving Modes.

The e-Golf offers four unique levels of regenerative braking the driver can choose to control the rate of battery recharge.

This is helpful in slow-moving traffic helping to extend the range and enhance efficiency. Additionally, three different driving modes are offered which tailor the characteristics of the drivetrain to suit the driver – Normal, Eco and Eco +.



e-Golf Specifications



From $68,490*





Real-world range


Keyless Entry


Adaptive Cruise Control


Side Assist (Blind Spot Monitor)


LED headlights


Active Info Display



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Service & Care

New Car Warranties

The Volkswagen Vehicle Care Programme is designed to reduce the worry of owning a new vehicle, which is why Volkswagen stands by its products with the following warranties; 3 year unlimited kilometre warranty, 3 year Volkswagen Roadside Assistance, 12 year Anti-corrosion warranty. These are all included in the purchase of your new Volkswagen.

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3 Year Scheduled Service Plans

Regular servicing of your Volkswagen will extend the vehicle’s life, maximise performance and safety, and increase re-sale value. A Volkswagen Scheduled Service Plan allows you to purchase your service in advance, locking in your costs and protecting you from rising future costs. It also means your vehicle is serviced by certified and trained Volkswagen technicians using genuine parts and materials which come with a 2 year factory backed warranty.

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Parts and Accessories

At Volkswagen, our genuine parts are created during the vehicle development and are therefore matched optimally to each and every model. Their quality and functionality reaches the highest of standards across the whole range through hours of testing and endless research and development to ensure quality is continually improved.

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