• Caddy Mobility
  • Caddy Mobility

Factory Approved rear wheelchair ramp

One of the most important features of the Caddy is the large dimensions of the rear opening. This has proved to be a real advantage for people looking at conversions. In particular, the Caddy is becoming increasingly popular for the transportation of passengers who require a wheelchair. Access is easy via a gently sloping ramp and the wheelchair sits in a secure space with minimal room for unwanted movement.

Safety lock

When the Caddy begins traveling more than 15kmph the doors will lock automatically. This feature ensures the safety of the occupants and their load whilst in stop start traffic, another reason that makes the Caddy Mobility perfect for City driving.


Caddy Mobility Specifications


220Nm TSI Auto​

Max output, kW
​Combined fuel cons.
Max Torque (Nm)


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Service & Care

New Car Warranties

The Volkswagen Vehicle Care Programme is designed to reduce the worry of owning a new vehicle, which is why Volkswagen stands by the Caddy Mobility Van with the following warranties: 3 year/100,000 kilometre warranty, 12 year Anti-corrosion warranty. These are all included in the purchase of your new Volkswagen.

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3 Year Scheduled Service Plans

Regular servicing of your Volkswagen will extend the vehicle’s life, maximise performance and safety, and increase re-sale value. A Volkswagen Scheduled Service Plan allows you to purchase your service in advance, locking in your costs and protecting you from rising future costs. It also means your vehicle is serviced by certified and trained Volkswagen technicians using genuine parts and materials which come with a 2 year factory backed warranty.

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Parts and Accessories

At Volkswagen, our genuine parts are created during the vehicle development and are therefore matched optimally to each and every model. Their quality and functionality reaches the highest of standards across the whole range through hours of testing and endless research and development to ensure quality is continually improved.

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Test Drive the Caddy Mobility

The Caddy Mobility is engineered to accommodate your individual needs. So contact our Commercial Team and experience it for yourself today.